My name is Val Drachev and I am a 4.5 singles/doubles pickleball player. I have learned everything about paddles, in and out, from my experience of making and fixing paddles, and playing pickleball almost every day.

All DBall pickleball paddles are hand crafted by me personally in my work shop. You can choose your paddle from already pre-built ones or built to order your unique paddle, based on your specs, which may include a paddle shape, weight, paddle face(s) color, handle size, rim and over grip color.

I use a polypropylene honeycomb core from Plascore company of Michigan.

Polypropylene skins ( 0.009-0.012″ ) of a variety of color or paint are used to finish the paddle faces. The tennis style handles are made of balsa wood and are wrapped with a tacky, thin over-grip tape. The paddles are edgeless and are protected with a thin plastic rim. The rim can be painted to match the paddle's color scheme. Once completed, each paddle is personally tested. If it does not meet my standards, I rebuild it again to ensure the quality and performance achieve the highest level.

The paddles are perfect for new & seasoned players at an affordable price, and have the best all-around feel, balance, and performance; from touch drop shots to hard drives and lobs. The major difference between DBall Paddles and others on the market is the ball stays longer on the paddle, enabling more control and spin.

DBall Paddles are tested by 5.0 pro players. David Duncan, Marcin Rozpedski, Scott Tingley, and John Sperling are among some of the high level pro pickleball players who have tested and affirmed the paddle's level of quality and playability.

The DBall pickleball paddles have shipped to 43 states, including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico,  and Canada.

Warranty: DBall pickleball paddles are covered by a limited warranty for defective material and workmanship for 6 months from the date of purchase. Any items may be return within 30 days in a new condition

What is not covered: Damage caused by abuse, user modification and the natural breakdown from extended use are not covered. Hitting the ground with the paddle or a hard object, such as another paddle, may cause damage to the core, resulting in a compromised performance of the paddle, which are not covered under the warranty.

Please note: Due to the edge-less design, this paddle will develop scratches on the edge during play. This is normal wear and is not considered a defect in the product.
Do not leave your paddle in direct sunlight when you are not playing, in the car, or garage.

The DBall paddles are not USAPA approved, but they meet all USAPA requirements. FYI, you can play tournaments with any paddles if tournaments are non-sanctioned.

It will take  1 or 2 days to build a paddle.  I will ship it to you after you accept and pay my  PayPal invoice. If you prefer to pay by check, then the package will be shipped when the payment is received.